Here’s Why You Should Avail of Non-Metal Dental Crowns

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It is not pleasant to have damaged teeth. Not only does it compromise your smile, but it also jeopardizes your teeth’ function. For that reason, many people with damaged teeth avail of dental crowns. This particular type of restoration may have been available for years already, but it still effectively serves its function nowadays.

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Here at Shawn A. Walls, DDS, we offer non-metal dental crowns as one of our solutions to restore damaged teeth. Although both metal and non-metal restorations have their strengths, crowns without metal have several features that make them stand out. Find out their advantageous features below:

Non-metal crowns are strong and durable

Although people believe that metal crowns are stronger than its alternative, this is not the case. Non-metal crowns are capable of forming a strong bond with the teeth that strengthens your weak tooth. Aside from that, this type of crown is a single piece of material; therefore, the risk of it being damaged is lesser. Thanks to this design, non-metal crowns are more durable than metal crowns.

Non-metal crowns do not contain mercury

Mercury is one of the components of metal amalgams used in dental restorations. Although mercury is a known toxic material, the amount of this substance used in restorations is safe for healthy adults. Unfortunately, research has not ruled out if the amount of mercury used for dental restorations are safe for pregnant women, fetuses, or for children under the age of six. To ensure that you are perfectly safe from this substance, you are better off with non-metal dental restorations.

Non-metal crowns have a natural appearance

Did you know that aside from repairing damaged teeth, people also use dental crowns for aesthetic reasons? If you have chipped or broken teeth, you can avail of dental crowns to cover up the damage. Thus, you can make use of non-metal dental crowns instead of the metal ones to improve your smile’s appearance. With non-metal crowns, people will find it hard to tell that your teeth have undergone restoration.


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