Reasons Why Root Canal Treatment a Necessary Procedure

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The term ‘root canal’ technically means two things. One, as the physical canal inside the tooth that holds its roots and nerves, and the other one is the procedure performed to get rid of the infection within the root canal itself. A root canal treatment is one of the most common dental procedures performed by dentists all over America every year.

If you are currently experiencing tooth pain or extreme sensitivity, you might be on the verge of needing a root canal treatment. To help you recognize the signs that indicate the need for a root canal, Shawn A. Walls, DDS has compiled some of the symptoms you must be aware of. 

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Intense tooth pain 

One of the leading indicators that there is a problem with your tooth is feeling pain. If you experience discomfort during activities such as drinking or eating, you should contact your dentist immediately. Your dentist will examine your teeth for signs of inflamed blood vessels or nerves that can be due to infection.

A chipped or cracked tooth

Having a cracked or chipped tooth can expose the nerves beneath the tooth surface, which can lead to infection. It is best not to leave an infection unattended since it can affect the adjacent teeth or even enter the bloodstream and spread in the body.

Swollen gum area 

If your gums are swollen, it might be an indicator that there is a problem underneath the surface. Painful and swollen gums or gums with a raised bump on them need to be examined by your dentist to see if inflammation is the cause. There are cases when a root canal is required to treat inflamed gums if they show no improvement after a different procedure.

Prolonged tooth sensitivity

If sensitivity lasts for weeks or even months without improvement, a root canal might be what you need. Prolonged sensitivity in your teeth is most likely a result of a damaged root. Since they won’t heal on their own, the way to get rid of pain and prevent the infection from spreading is through the help of your dentist.


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