Should I Consider Laughing Gas for My Child’s Dental Appointments?

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If your child has a dental phobia, you may want to consider having them sedated with nitrous oxide on their next dental procedure. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, helps patients of all ages relax during dental procedures and help them get the dental care they need.

If you want your child to be as calm as they can be during dental procedures, laughing gas is an option for you. To understand this sedation option, Shawn A. Walls, DDS has prepared some of the benefits of laughing gas. Read on below!

laughing gas

Your child will be able to relax quickly

Laughing gas is not considered as “sleep dentistry” because your child remains awake and responsive throughout the procedure. Its purpose is to help your child relax while they sit in the dentist’s chair. Through this, they can get the care they need to maintain a healthy smile. One side effect of laughing gas is feeling giddy. In turn, this may cause your child to giggle a little during the dental treatment while still being cooperative with the dentist.

Laughing gas is quick to wear off

Since laughing gas can wear off quickly, your child can return to school after their procedure. The calming effect of laughing gas wears off as soon as the breathing mask is removed. Your child will not be groggy or sleepy (which decreases recovery time) after they have been sedated with laughing gas.

Laughing gas has no lingering side effects

Laughing gas is safe for people of all ages as it has no lingering side effects. In fact, adults can drive themselves home after their procedure is done. As your child breathes in laughing gas, they might feel light-headed or feel as if their limbs are heavy. These symptoms are normal, and they shouldn’t alarm you. As mentioned above, the effects will wear off once the mask is removed.

Ensure that your child is undergoing a calm and relaxing procedure with the help of Laughing Gas in Johns Creek, GA. Schedule an appointment with us at Shawn A. Walls, DDS. Call us if you have any questions!